Dualit Espressivo Coffee Maker (84200 Chrome)

In our search for the best coffee machines, we came across Dualit’s Espressivo Coffee Maker. This is the first Dualit on the site to be reviewed so let’s take a look first at the overview.

Designed for the coffee enthusiast, the Espressivo delivers the ultimate cup every time, with each component crafted to ensure a deliciously rich flavour. From the 15 bar pump delivers the optimum pressure needed to create a perfect crema, the Thermobloc water heating system provides instant hot water and steam on demand. Dualit has indeed thought of everything. Even the steamer nozzle frothing up milk into fluffy foam for your cappuccino is easy to use, with minimum fuss and mess. Not only is the Espressivo sturdy and durable, it works well to make your ideal cup of coffee. It packs an equal punch in the style stakes with all the design attributes you would expect from Dualit. Sleek curves, tactile materials, chunky dials and a compact size make a winning combination.

Dualit Espressivo Coffee Maker Features:

  • Capacity: 1.5 litres.
  • Ready to go in less than 40 seconds.
  • 1.5ltr removable water tank
  • Easy froth nozzle makes perfect foam
  • Dualit quality stainless steel and cast aluminium body
  • Self priming 15 bar pressure pump
  • 1.5 litre removeable water tank
  • Easy froth nozzle
  • Stainless steel and cast metal body
  • Extra cup height clearance
  • Pop up drip tray indicator
  • Three coffee options,single serve,dual serve,ESE pod
  • Accessory holder

Best Coffee Machines’ Review:

The machine produces great coffee, the coffee appearance, volume, temperature, cream, aroma and taste is excellent.

The good things that the machine offers are; it can make several cups, can handle large cups under the spout for large lattes, you may use pod or ground coffee, it has a good value with a very stylish finish and its size is appropriate.  The appearance seems to have an all solid metal material (but it’s really plastic); it is very robust and well built.

Its steamer works very well. The water tank can be detached from the back to be emptied or wash. The machine is not only user friendly but also easy to clean.

The price of the machine is a bargain for its quality compared to other machines that cost more. Try to shop around and you will come to see that this is real. An example can be drawn by comparing it to a Gaggia Evolution which is more expensive. The difference of the two is that the filter handle doesn’t feel as weighty on the Dualit as is on the Gaggia. With regards to the coffee the machines produced, Dualit makes coffee faster and better.

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The problem with the Dualit is that you may experience a lukewarm coffee as suggested in the manual. If you do want a really hot one it is necessary for you to preheat the machine for some time. That is quite the hassle of course and you might find the machine to be noisy.

You may also observe that the two cup filter on each side under has hole which the coffee may come out and be blocked by tiny coffee residues that pass through the fine filter on upper side of the filter. This becomes a problem because the filter cannot be detached and remove for you to clean. When you remove the handle, you may experience the burst of hot water and coffee. So exercise caution. However the good news with this is that Dualit is aware of this. A filter is now available that can be detached for cleaning purposes.

Some purchasers experienced receiving broken items or faulty parts. Some users also kept this product for not too long, an average of three to six months. But, if you will follow the instructions properly on how to use, operate and clean the machine, it definitely is a good buddy to you for a long term.

Seeing that a lot of people are wary about its faults, I came away unenthusiastic about recommending the product. While it’s sure to be a great price, receiving great value in return appears to be shady.  I suggest heading over to our best coffee machines section to find out a far better alternative.

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